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Hippo Labs at Best Practice Birmingham

We did it! Hippo Labs went all the way to the NEC and smashed our first show!

All three of the London Hippos made the trek t’up north (Birmingham), with a very full car of everything you might need for a showcase including pens, flyers, white chairs and of course, home-made caramels.

We made big goals before attending and I am pleased to say that we more than achieved them having spoken to literally hundreds of practices and PCNs. All three of us came home with pretty sore throats and almost tired of describing the wonders of the platform.

A few highlights:

  1. Building all our stand furniture by hand - testing the physical limits of Hippos with very limited instructions and tools.

  2. The dozens of people we stopped and seeing their faces light up when we explained how we could fix their recall issues.

  3. Living off sugar in the daytime and local, authentic Punjabi food at night

  4. Talking to all the different stands at the exhibition - people are buzzing with energy for NHS Primary Care

  5. How amazing our stand looked - we worked really hard on it and were chuffed to get compliments about it.

We enjoyed it so much, we’ll hopefully see you there next year! We have our work cut out for us following up on all the great conversations we had last week!

Stay tuned for our next update (which will be a big one), with all the details of the latest, greatest update to the Recaller. And as always, KEEP RECALLING!


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