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🎄 Hippo Recaller - v1.2 release!

We're excited to announce the launch of our v1.2 release of the Hippo Recaller. This was launched just before Christmas break and we're really excited to get it out into the world! The team at Hippo have been hard at work on this and it should give you some useful features 💪 and some brilliant performance upgrades 👟

What's New?

Focus on the patients you need 🎯 - target filters for recall lists

This feature allows users to filter the “Eligible Patients” list based on the Targets outstanding so you can easily see all Patients that require a certain action (e.g. Flu Jab, Child Imms, Smear etc.)

Now you can quickly book patients in for particular campaigns and fill slots based on practice availability. Say your practice wanted to improve on Flu Vaccination uptake - you can now easily filter the eligible patient list to see those with outstanding flu vaccines and call them in! When you load up the patient, you’ll also see all of the other outstanding care needs for that patient you to book them in for everything they need all in one go - making every contact count!

A need for speed 💨 - significant performance upgrades

A significant amount of performance work has gone on across the application to make things feel faster and make the platform better to use.

We measured our performance and load times across the application to identify where we might be able to find opportunities to tune things up. Once we had those opportunities in our sights, we were able to apply fixes that improved performance by 2x and brought our loading times down significantly!

Other tweaks and changes

We've also made some other tweaks including:

• Increased auto-logout timer to 12 hours

• Ability to see which staff member made a certain recall for any patient

• A bunch of interface improvements, infrastructure changes and bugfixes

Help us improve the Hippo Recaller

The changes above are made predominantly based on your feedback as users. We really want more feedback from you to help us improve the platform and make it better for everyone!

Whether it's problems you’re having, things you’d like to change or even just things you love about the platform, we’d love to hear it! Click on the button below to let us know what you're thinking...


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