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Hippo Recaller - v1.3 release!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Hiiii Hippo Users! We've had a flying start to the year with a big increase in usage fuelled by the need to get all our QOF targets complete before the year end 31st March - thank you to everyone that is focused on this right now! Recalls and proactive care seem to at the forefront of the agenda for many practices right now.

What's New?

🏠Working from Home Support

Working from Home support is here! All you need to do is login to HSCN via the Bexley Okta tokens (as you would normally do) and will be ready for you to start recalling!

🚑 Housebound & Other Patient Info

Housebound patient filters and more detailed patient info is now available! You can now filter your recall list to target just housebound patients e.g. for vaccinations or general housebound proactive care visits. Thank you to everyone who gave us this feedback! We’ve also included additional patient info fields showing whether or not patients are Confidential or Sensitive. We've got some other fields e.g. languages / interpreter required coming soon. Special thanks to the engineering team Eniko & Edward for making this happen!

👀 More Monitoring and Measuring

As some of you may know we go crazy for metrics at Hippo Labs, so we've hooked up our Hippo Recaller to Hotjar and Google Analytics. These tools give us detailed usage info including heatmaps and (anonymised) screen recordings to help us better understand our users. This extra level of insight will help us identify pain points and improve how things work in the future.

🛠️ Other tweaks and changes

We've also made some other tweaks including:

  • Better appointment consolidation. We now book patients in with an appropriate clinician for a certain length of time to cover many different morbidities. Helping improve operational efficiency.

  • Implemented some more learning around the best times & communication preferences for automated recalls to patients.

  • A bunch of interface improvements, infrastructure changes and bugfixes!

📈 Uptake & Growth

There has been a big focus on QOF over the last few weeks at Penrose Health. Kudos to the Reception teams who have been making proactive recalls to those patients that didn't engage with our email/text invites. Notable standout recall heroes are: Mina from Penrose Surgery with 209 Recalls in January, Anne from Kingfisher with 295, Chloe from Lewisham Medical with 177 and Phong from Deptford Sugery with 221. A phenomenal effort helping the patients that need us most be more proactive about their healthcare!

Meanwhile over at Grove Medical Centre we've been helping with Child Imms recalls. All outstanding patients (/parents) have now received an invite to book an appointment & the reception team at Grove have been on boarded to the Hippo Recaller UI so they can reach out proactively to the final patients. Thanks to Ishaq and the team for helping to drive this engagement.

Help us improve the Hippo Recaller

The changes above are made predominantly based on your feedback as users. We really want more feedback from you to help us improve the platform and make it better for everyone!

Let us know if there are things you’d like to change or even just things you love about the platform, we’d love to hear it! Click on the button below to let us know what you're thinking...


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