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Hippo Recaller - v1.4 release!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

March is here. The weather is cold and wet but nothing can stop a Hippo. We have been busy as ever developing the recaller platform and growing as a company. As the year-end approaches, we are hoping all practices are able to knuckle down for the last few weeks of the recall race!

What's New?

🥧 Recall Filter

A piece of feedback we had been continually hearing was “When does a patient appear on my Recall List?” Previously we would only display patients that had already received automated recalls (or didn't have any contact details). We wanted to give practices the flexibility to go straight to manual phone recalls if they wanted to by giving them the option to see all the patients on the list. Thanks to Farid and Eniko for the hard work on this long-awaited feature.

Check out the feature in the App:

📃 More Recall Outcomes

We have created some new Recall Outcomes in our "Action Button" feature. Based on feedback from the Penrose team (who have been performing manual recalls at scale for a while now) we have created a number of possible outcomes for patients.

These outcomes are still very much a work in progress as we try and anticipate all the possible outcomes required. If you have any suggestions that don’t currently fit the box, please contact

One of the new options here is "Not eligible" - hopefully this removes the need for any other bug reporting (e.g. our old web form) and is easier for everyone. The old Asana form will be retired soon unless we hear significant feedback otherwise.

🗃️ Other small features

We launched a variety of other smaller features this month including:

  • Adding manual recalls to our recall volume over time chart in Analytics

  • Showing the number of patients on the recall list

  • Page selector for Hippo recall list

  • Better target descriptions

  • Improved QOF target logic

For more information on any of these, please feel free to reach out to our team at

📈 Uptake & Growth

As the QOF year comes to a close, we have noticed a big uptake in both automated and manual recalls.

Well done to all the new manual recallers who have taken to using the recaller like well… a hippo to a river! Our feedback from you so far has been excellent and we look forward to seeing your number of manual recalls shoot upwards over the next year!

We are also pleased to announce that we have been working with North Lewisham to help them with a mop-up flu drive, for anybody on their records who hadn't yet resonded to the 2023 flu campaign. We rapidly assessed their needs, launched a quick campaign and allowed them to tick off another 1400ish people from their books. We hope that this is a start of a beautiful relationship. Well done to Vera for adapting our platform to support this.

🛠️Help us improve the Hippo Recaller

The changes we make to the Recaller are made based on your feedback. We really want more feedback from you to help us improve the platform and make it better for everyone!

Let us know if there are things you’d like to change or even just things you love about the platform, we’d love to hear it!

Click on the button below to let us know what you're thinking... Give feedback


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