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Hippo Recaller - v1.5 release!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

April already! Well done everyone for all the time and effort in trying to maximize target achievement in the last few weeks of March. Time for a well-earned rest from it all!

Behind the scenes, we noticed a large increase in recalls as the deadline loomed. Here in the lab, we have been working hard to improve the Hippo Recaller platform with a whole host of changes that will make your lives even easier.

What's New?

🌍 See patient languages

Based on your feedback we have been working out how to improve the success rate of manual recalls. One problem our recallers have been facing is not knowing the language of a patient before making a call - that way they can pass the patient over to another colleague who might be better placed to make the call. To help with that, we've now added 'patient languages' and 'interpreter required' flags to the basic data you can see in every "Patient overview".

🛝 Demo Environment

To help demonstrate the platform to anyone who wants to see it, we have created a demo environment with mock patient data in it. This allows us to show how the platform functions and gives people the opportunity to play around with the platform before they take the full dive in!

🔐 Cyber Essentials

Finally, we are also pleased to announce that we are Cyber Essentials positive! We are currently working on Cyber Essentials Plus, which hopefully will be done by next month (read the blog to find out). Well done Ali for getting us through this.

📜 Other features

We've also made a variety of other changes this month including:

  • Recording more data so we can track performance better and show more in analytics

  • Updating to EMIS's new data schema to make our data extraction better

  • Updating our Hippo Logic to account for the new QOF year - there will be more coming here soon

For more information on any of these, please feel free to reach out to our team at

📈 Uptake & Growth

In Mid-March we started having some conversations with One Health Lewisham about helping them with their Learning Difficulties health assessments. Earlier this month they decided that we were a good match and we are thrilled to work on such a big campaign. We have also streamlined the process of onboarding new practices as with 20+ potential new sites we want this process to be as seamless as possible. Vera and Eniko have been leading the development here.

Help us improve the Hippo Recaller

The changes we make to the Recaller are made based on your feedback. Positive or negative, we really want more feedback from you to help us improve the platform and make it better for everyone!

Our new hire Jonny is planning a few visits to recallers, and we'd love it if you show him how you use the platform so we can add more features and .

Let us know if there are things you’d like to change or even just things you love about the platform, we’d love to hear it!

Click here to let us know what you're thinking: Give feedback


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