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Hippo Recaller - v1.6 release!

May has arrived. The sun is coming and the Hippos in the Lab have been working hard at turning the recaller platform into the go-to app for targets and patient recall. As well as improving many different aspects of the platform, release v1.6 has a milestone new feature which gives considerably more power to practices wanting to master their recalls.

What's New

🪖 Recall Campaigns

To date, our team has been working closely with practices to set up their recalls with the targets they wanted. Our latest feature is called ‘Recall Campaigns’ and it’s a major update to our “Practice Settings” section giving practices the power to run recalls exactly how and when they want to. This is a major step in making the Recaller completely customisable by practices so you can use it however you see fit!

Each campaign can be customised to include the targets required (one or many), method of recall (text or email and more) and number of messages per day. This removes the need to contact us each time you want a recall campaign tweaked or turned on / off.

We’re hoping this function will really improve how practice teams use the platform. As always, please give us your feedback on this new feature - there will be more coming soon here too!

👀 Analytics facelift

Our analytics has gone through a major overhaul. We want to help practices to more easily see how they’re doing on all their targets. To do that we’ve completely revamped our Indicator Performance table - we’ve made it much easier to use (including a snazzy new progress bar) and we've added some financial metrics so you can get an estimate of the financial implications of each target. You still have the ability to track indicator data over time but now you can compare it with previous years.

We really want to keep improving analytics for practices so if there is anything else you would like to see, please let us know. Thanks to Farid and Vera for all the work on this!

🚙 DigitalHealth.London Accelerator

We have applied for the prestigious and competitive DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme, which, if we got accepted, would be a great opportunity to learn more and hopefully spread the Hippo Recaller to more practices and patients!

We are waiting to hear back in the next month or so with all hooves crossed.

🪛 Other features and changes

We've also made a variety of other changes this month including:

  • Removing some test patients

  • Minor UI tidy-ups and upgrades

  • Some bug fixes around patients not found

  • Infrastructure upgrades

For more information on any of these, please feel free to reach out to our team at

Help us improve the Hippo Recaller

The changes we make to the Recaller are made based on your feedback. Positive or negative, we really want more feedback from you to help us improve the platform and make it better for everyone! We have started periodic super user groups run by Jonny. Please email if you want to join in with these.

Otherwise, you can feedback in the usual form here or just by dropping us a message: Give feedback

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