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I wanted to update everyone on a project we have been working on that has just gone live. Late last year, we were contacted by @ProstateUK to see if we could be of help with their invitations for high-risk men to make an informed choice about testing. Around 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and an even greater proportion of men from high-risk groups. Men are entitled to a PSA blood test from their GP, but they have to ask for it under current NHS guidelines. Prostate Cancer UK heard that Hippo Labs had software that could easily identify those at high risk, and efficiently message them with the Prostate Cancer UK risk checker. The checker enables those at risk to understand the pros and cons of the PSA blood test and choose to have the test without having to speak to a GP first (in most areas). This means far more men can choose testing compared with the current standard practice, especially since there is no NHS screening programme. Overall, more cancers will be found early when they are more treatable.

We are thrilled to be a part of this process and have started offering this service at all our South-East London practices. If you would like to start using the Hippo Recaller Platform to send messages to all your high-risk prostate cancer patients, please contact us at or for more information about prostate cancer see Prostate Cancer UK.


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