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A Visit from the Health Secretary

Hello Readers!

We have some extraordinary news to share – a very important guest dropped in to say hello last month. At the end of November, the UK’s new Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, Victoria Atkins, paid a visit to one of our sites (Knights Hill Surgery), and we're still buzzing with excitement about the discussions that unfolded.

After a brief tour of the surgery and an introduction to the amazing multidisciplinary team on-site, we sat down with the Health Secretary to talk about what we’re doing to help patients and practices.

Sachin, our CEO, talking to the Health Secretary

The conversation was engaging and interesting - it was very clear that proactive, preventative healthcare was a major priority for the Health Secretary. There was also alignment on the need for efficiency in the system - practices do not have time or resource to spare and so thoughtful automation that reduces workload and improves outcomes (like the Hippo Recaller 🚀) is the clear and obvious solution!

The Health Secretary recounted how she had been talking to her team earlier in the week about patients on multiple lists who were receiving inefficient and repetitive care. We were pleased to talk her through how the Hippo Recaller is built with multimorbidity at its core and enables practices to look at proactive care in a patient-centric rather than a target-centric way. Needless to say, she was impressed!

Thank you to the Secretary of State and her team for the rewarding conversation. It was exciting to see that proactive medicine will take a central role in policy and knowing that we have already built the platform of tomorrow. Excited to bring more efficient, more proactive care to patients and practices ✨

We’d love to keep the conversation going with anyone from Practice Manager to Prime Minister, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at to talk more about what we do and how we can help you!


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