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Hippo Recaller 2.6 - Post hibernation release

As we approach the end of the QOF year, it is time for a quick update from Hippo Labs. We have been busy! A last-minute partnership (including onboarding 9 practices in 2 days!) with a PCN has meant we meandered away from our regular blog postings but we’re now back to regularly scheduled programming. In this blog, I will update you on all the major changes to the platform since the last post.

What's New

  • 🏆Manual recallers - We all know that automated invites (e.g. texts and emails) can’t cover everyone. There will always be patients who are not digitally enabled, have questions or concerns and need a human touch to get booked in. That’s why our in-built recall list is designed to enable ‘mop-up’ of patients who don’t or can’t book in through automated messages. We’ve now taken this to the next level - we can do the calls for you! We have a team of ARRS-eligible call/recall specialists who keep inviting patients until your books are full or your targets are met. They are incredibly good at their jobs, and have made almost 10k contacts to date and we are thrilled to have them as part of our service.

  • 🪨 Multilingual messaging - Patients now get their messages in their preferred languages. This should further increase the success rates of automated messages, reaching previously excluded patients.

  • 📊 Manual recall outcome tracking - We now provide more granular detail on the outcomes of manual recallers. Instead of just the number of recalls made, you can now see who gets the most bookings (do whatever you want with this information).

  • 🚗 New targets onboarding - Our product team have cracked the target onboarding process. What used to take weeks, now takes days. If you have specific local or regional needs, we want to add this target to our platform (for free).

  • 🚥 Recall List colour coding - This was a request by one of our users to let her quickly assess what needed doing each day without having to click on each patient. We thought it was a great idea, so we added a splash of colour to the Patient Recall list. On the page, you can see what each colour means (and even turn them off in the table settings button on the Recall List page).

  • 📉 Campaign progress - On the Recall Campaign page, you can now see the progress and even the estimated end date of the campaign. You can also see the bookings made in the campaign and a breakdown of the messaging medium used (if you hover over each number).

Most of these updates were made on your recommendations, and our progress never stops. Please continue to feedback to us, we want to hear it. All you have to do is email our Clinical Lead Jonny (

Otherwise, you can give feedback in the usual form here or just by dropping us a message: Give feedback

Keep recalling


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